Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure- SCU and FESU

Organizational Structure:

Doosra Dashak’s team comprises the Steering and Coordination Unit (SCU) and Field Extension and Support Unit (FESU). 


Steering Coordination Unit:

DD’s Steering and Coordination Unit (SCU) is based at Jaipur and works for planning and capability building of DD employees as well as DD participants. Steering and Coordination Unit (SCU) monitors and assists the field programme, ensure coordination with institutions, funding agencies, and individuals who may have the capability and interest to assist the field programme. SCU also meets with other NGOs which may wish to implement Doosra Dashak, or a similar programme. SCU primarily is an interface between funding agencies, other organizations and the FESU.SCU works in close association with a reputed voluntary organization named Sandhan which is designated as technical resource agency for DD. 


Field Extension and Support Unit:

The Field Extension and Support Unit bear the overall responsibility of conducting activities for adolescents and community by working closely with them. These units are created to be a team which manages as well as steers the activities at the field level.FESU in each block is led by a Project Director who works with a team comprising one Field Project Coordinator, 2-3 Associate Coordinators and an accountant. This team is supported by Cluster Teams that include 6 to 8 workers and 4 to 6 Master Trainers.  


Cluster Teams :

The placement of a team at the field level is essential for a project like DD. In the beginning, when the area of operation was comparatively small, workers were placed at the village level. As the area increased, clustering became a necessity. About 12–15 villages in a contiguous area are considered as a cluster, and each cluster is allocated a couple of persons. Cluster team works on the grass-root level and keep constant interaction to the beneficiaries. 


Review and Planning:

Review and Planning Meetings (RPMs) are conducted every month at the block level where they review work progress and make action plan for the next month. All FESU team members attend this meeting.  After the progress is reviewed at the block level, Block Review and Planning Meeting (BRPM) is conducted at SCU in Jaipur.  In this meeting, Project Directors of all the nine blocks share the development in their respective blocks and exchange ideas.