Pindwara , Sirohi (2007)

Pindwara , Sirohi (2007)

The work in Pindwara block was started in January of 2007, residing in the Sirohi district near Gujrat. According to the 2001 census of India, Pindwara had a population of 184,803. Out of the total population 39.49 percent belonged to Scheduled Tribes (ST) and 11.08 to Scheduled Castes (SC). There are a total number of 99 villages in the area and 82.3 percent of the population lives in rural areas. The female to male ratio in the Pindwara block is 954:1000.



There are a total number of 355 schools in the block, out of which 259 are government led. 56 percent of the schools in the area are single teacher schools. The enrollment ratio for boys and girls at a primary school level is 99.8 percent for boys to 66 percent for girls. At an upper primary level the ratio is 58.1 percent for boys to 41.9 percent for girls.

Health Indicatiors:


The fertility level in the Sirohi district was lower (4.8) compared to the state (4.9). The Crude Birth Rate is 32.19, similar to the state of Rajasthan, i.e. 32.21. Infant mortality rate (91) is higher than the state (87) which shows poor performance of health machinery. The mean age at marriage of females in the rural areas of the block is 18.9.

Economic Aspect:


In the last couple of decades, the mineral wealth of this block is being exploited by unscrupulous business houses. A fairly large number of ST and SC persons work on these mines in condition of exploitation which, while it gives them jobs, is also hazardous for their health.